Research Studio

Within the first interdisciplinary research studio, the task for a group of students blending from Industrial Design Engineering with Computer Sciences, is to jointly develop immersive and interactive mixed reality exhibits on climate-neutral mobility concepts. The idea is to make it easier to experience the complex visions of the future in a comprehensive and playful way.

A strong focus lies in exploring new modes of knowledge production and science communication within transdisciplinary research processes. For example, the exhibits should be explicitly designed so that scientific findings (e.g. issues of autonomous driving or traffic planning for sustainable transportation) are communicated in accessible language to a non-scientific audience. Through the immersive and interactive character as well as the discursive nature of the exhibits, second order learning, i.e. a reflection or reframing with regard to thematic contexts, should be stimulated.

Therefore, the viewers should be able to change key parameters in the concepts (e.g. size or number of vehicles) and switch between different perspectives (1st person vs. bird’s eye view) in order to directly experience the effects of the modifications. The exhibits are designed to be explored simultaneously by multiple users who could then directly initiate a discussion regarding the mobility visions. The results will be shown to a broad public in an exhibition at the COSMO Science Forum.